Hear It Firsthand

People's Lives Are Changing

Feel Them Yourself

What Leaders Say

Speaker: Mike Novagrats, Principal & Director - Fortress Investment Group

On Krishnaji

Speaker: Lawrence Bloom - Thinker, Speaker, Activist, Chairman

Freedom In Living

Speaker: Casey Sheahan, CEO - Patagonia Inc., 2005-2014

Transforming Organisational CUlture

What Families Say

Speaker: Per Fogtmann and Family, Switzerland

Great Family Experience

Speaker: Jacob Fonnesbech Aqraou & Family

We Really Look Forward Coming Back

What Seekers Say

Speaker: Carol Gutierrez , Business Consultant - Behavioural Marketing

You Are the Answer to your Deepest Quests

Speaker: Jennifer Fox, Co-Founder - Thornybush Game Reserve, Founder - AfricAsia Capitol

You Impact Every One

Speaker: Erica Ford - CEO / Founder - Life Camp, Inc.,

A New Meaning For Loving My Life