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Transformation Awaits

One World Academy embodies a new way of thinking, one the creates a total transformation

What are we trying to free ourselves from? The system? The person outside? Or the conflict within? The change starts with oneself here. At One World Academy you are not led by a guru or a deity. The teachers are deeply committed to taking you to a state of being where you discover the answers to your challenges. You may think you are too busy to commit to spending your time with us, but we promise the time spent here will deeply enrich the rest of your time on earth. Central to our philosophy is a meditation form so powerful that it frees you from suffering that stems from self-centric thinking.

OWA course
Field of Transformation

The ‘Field of Transformation’ is a phenomenon. It is the journey of a lifetime. It is the ultimate gift you can give yourself and your family.

OWA course
Field of Transcendence

The Field of Transcendence allows you to access mystical states of being with ease. You are one with The Flow. Your ability to create synchronicities is magnified. You manifest richness and wholeness to life.

OWA course
Personal Mentoring

Personal Mentoring is a spiritual journey individualized to address your life’s challenges. It follows an energetic pattern of insightful and dynamic interaction, deep meditative practices and personal attention from a specially trained teacher assigned to you.