This world can definitely become a more beautiful place if we all lived our everyday lives a bit more gently, a bit more consciously, a bit more kindly. 

If we can wake up more joyfully. If we can sleep more peacefully. If we can work more calmly. If we can relate more kindly. If we can help our children live this way, our partner live this way, our friends and our colleagues live this way, our ageing parents live this way. Where living is a joy to us and to every one.

This brings us to an important question. Would you want to consciously be a part of this momentum to make the everyday lives of people more beautiful?

If yes, we would like to help you by showing a simple and an effective path. 'Hush the Rush' comprises of short meditations that will spiritualise your life style.

In this are meditations for joyful waking up, sound sleep, calm conversations, enjoyable eating. You can do them, teach them and share them with others too - your children, parents, partner, grand parents, friends, colleagues, anyone can do them. (Look out for the audio versions of all our meditations.)

Together, let's create a more conscious world - a happier world.


Founder, OWA.