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Awaken The Mystic. Transform Lives.

A 5 Day Spiritual Immersion Experience

At ‘The Field of Transcendence’, you experience three profound outcomes.

  1. You access mystical states of being with ease. You are one with The Flow. Your ability to create synchronicities is magnified. You manifest richness and wholeness to life.
  2. You grow as a phenomenon. You direct the power of your Presence to transform their inner state.
  3. Immovable Inner Stillness becomes your natural state of being. Peace becomes an effortless way of living. And the torturous incessant Mind Chatter is silenced.

‘The Field of Transcendence’ happens at the One World Academy campus in India. Re experience the magic of Wisdom, meditation and transcendence.

Transcend ‘i’ Consciousness. Experience ‘One’ Consciousness.

Experience ‘The Field of Transcendence’.

Awaken The Mystic. Direct the power of your Presence. Liberate the World.