Being Limitless

(A 16 hour-Spiritual awakening-Level 1) 

Being Limitless is a spiritual sojourn that will awaken you from being a limited self to being a Limitless Consciousness.

It is a very rare opportunity to experience OWA’s timeless wisdom, usually only available in India. It’s now in many cities throughout the world. 

This spiritual sojourn delivers revolutionary wisdom, combined with ancient meditation practices, detox meditations and one transcendental process into which you are lead through the powerful Kshetra meditation with the founders of One World Academy. Along with the wisdom you also reach otherwise unattainable—expanded states of awareness such as heartfelt connection, intuitive knowing and a bliss beyond words.

The Travelling Teachers: Anandagiri - the senior faculty member, Krishnaraj, Uttama, Yuktesh and Venkatesh - faculty members from OWA-India, travel across America, Germany, UK, Holland, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Australia teaching the powerful Being Limitless spiritual journey.

Filled with joy, interactive learning and loving connection, Being Limitless is an unforgettable experience.





Field of Transformation

(A 5 day Spiritual Realization experience—Level 2)

To be Transformed & To hold the power to transform another—such is the purpose of The Field Of Transformation.

The 5 Great magical Transformations in your consciousness:

Journey to the realm of Now

Journey to the realm of Wholeness

Journey to the realm of Spiritual Vision 

Journey to the realm of Spontaneity

Journey to the realm of Wisdom

In The Field Of Transformation you experience Great Meditations, such as 

The Great SoulSync Practice for Expansion and Manifesting your intentions.

The Grand Paaramitha for experiencing The Now Consciousness

The Awe-inspiring Turiya for awakening to Bliss.

Entering the Kshetra with Preethaji and Krishnaji is the most magical of experiences that would cause  a spiritual uplift in your consciousness. 

The fruits of being at The Field Of Transformation spiritual Immersion:

You are a new person with a new consciousness. You create Enlightened Relationships, Enlightened Achievements and Enlightened Leadership.

The Power to impact another is awakened in your consciousness. You master the ability to create a field of transformation through which you affect a massive change in every level of society.

It Is Total Transformation, Not Reformation.




Experience Enlightenment

Experience enlightenment is the delight of the seeker’s heart. It is the grand unification of Liberative wisdom and Direct experience. In this exploration in consciousness the seeker attains the 3 essential spiritual insights and experiences the 4 classical states of enlightenment.

The Revolutionary Realizations Challenge Your Assumptions And Break Through The Wall Of Ignorance. 

Adi-Karana Sutra: To realize the root cause of all suffering

Anahata Sutra: To realize the true nature of the self

Adhvaya Sutra: To realize the non-dual nature of existence

The 4 Transcendental States Of Consciousness Free You From Your Convoluted Sense Of Self And Lead You To The Ultimate Human Experiences.

Sthitha Prajna – Knowing the Present

Sakshi Bhava - Being the Witness

Tat Tavamasi - Becoming the Other

Aham Brahmasmi - Experiencing the Cosmic Self

Entering the Kshetra with Krishnaji and Preethaji is the most magical of experiences that would happen to you during the Experience Enlightenment immersion retreat. You experience expanded states of consciousness such as Pure bliss, Rapture, Sakshi Bhava or Witness consciousness, Aham Brahmasmi or Cosmic consciousness. These states of consciousness become your sources of wisdom and guidance in the movement of life.

To experience Enlightenment is the Ultimate purpose of human life.





Meditation Instructor Training

The Detox Meditatons have been created by Krishnaji and Preethaji after putting them to test in the laboratory of life at One World Academy. The detox meditations are a coming together of 3 factors - Timeless wisdom from the lives of our founders Krishnaji and Preethaji, Ancient Spiritual practices drawn from Indian Heritage and the modern scientific understanding of brain, body and consciousness and their interconnectedness. They are designed to benefit both the beginners as well as veterans in meditation.

You train to teach the 3 forms of OWA’s detox meditations with the teachers in India.

Brain Detox For Stress Free Living.

You train in brain detox meditations that are designed to cleanse the brain of its accumulated toxins. Thus enhancing stress release, memory recall and better sleep quality. You can create an experience of deep calm and nourishing relaxation in the participants.

Mind Detox For Intelligent Living

You train in mind detox meditations that would help the participants let go of toxic emotions that hurt and hinder them. You lead them to nurture their intelligence by guiding them to the richness of the moment.

Consciousness Detox For Harmonious Living 

The purpose of detoxing consciousness is to experience spiritual states of being that will deepen your sense of connection to yourself, your loved ones and life itself. Life feels more harmonious from these states of consciousness.

To Detox. Rejuvenate. Elevate.

Become an OWA Meditation Instructor





The New Destiny

The New Destiny is a spiritual empowerment program specially designed for today’s youth. The New Destiny for youth creates Heart Leaders by awakening you to the power of Limitless consciousness. You then can create a great destiny for yourselves and impact the world with your achievements and contribution. What do you learn and experience at The New Destiny?

1. Shifting from unpleasant states of mind to creative states of mind thus giving extraordinary responses to life’s challenges.

2. Coping with competition, peer pressure and living with purpose by sourcing yourself in passion and vision rather than comparison  to achieve your dreams.

3. Moving from fear of failure to faith in life leading to a joyful recognition of who you are and love for yourself.

4. Discovering the ability to strike a balance between pleasure and purpose you awaken to intelligent thinking.

5. Discover love for parents by going through a process of healing to catapult yourself into your next level of growth.

6. Awakening to be an intelligent and compassionate leader by nurturing superior qualities of compassion, gratitude and an attitude of service towards your immediate environment and society at large.

The Kshetra is the most magical of experiences that would happen to you on this journey where you experience a spontaneous healing and dissolution of the accumulated hurts of the past. Your brain awakens to a higher intelligence where you ‘See’ the solutions to your life’s challenges. You become joyful.






14feb - 18marAll DayThe New Destinyfor Chinese and English speakers
20feb - 26marAll DayThe OWA Meditation Instructor TrainingA 7 day Training experience


14feb - 18marAll DayThe New Destinyfor Chinese and English speakers
20feb - 26marAll DayThe OWA Meditation Instructor TrainingA 7 day Training experience
24mar - 28All DayThe New Destinyfor Korean and English speakers
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30mar - 5aprAll DayThe OWA Meditation Instructor Trainingfor Korean and English speakers
13apr - 17All DayField of Transformationfor English speakers
19apr - 25All DayThe OWA Meditation Instructor Trainingfor English speakers


16may - 20All DayField of Transformationfor Chinese and English speakers
22may - 28All DayThe OWA Meditation Instructor Trainingfor Chinese and English speakers


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