One World Academy offers a range of courses for people of all walks of life and levels of experience. Below is a description of our programs and a calendar of upcoming events.

Being Limitless

Enter the Field of Synchronicity … Weave magic in your life

Being Limitless is a magical journey that will awaken in you the power of Limitless Consciousness.

At Being Limitless, we reveal to you Spiritual Principles and Powerful Meditations to create the life of your dreams. You have a direct experience of the profound truth that you are a limitless being. 

Once this truth is realized, the doors to a magical life open. You manifest abundance; you find and create enduring love, you conquer your challenges.

Here are the Extraordinary Outcomes of Being Limitless -

1. Great Peace and Joy.  

2. Perfect Relationships.

3. Fulfilling Achievements.

4. Intuitive Leadership. 

Awaken to the power of Limitless Consciousness. Live a Beautiful Life. 



2jun - 4All DayBeing LimitlessHawaii, USA
9jun - 11All DayBeing LimitlessToronto, Canada
9jun - 11All DayBeing LimitlessGalway, Ireland
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1sep - 3All DayBeing Limitless *Bogota, Colombia
15sep - 17All DayBeing Limitless *SFO USA
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29sep - 1octAll DayBeing Limitless *Taipei, Taiwan
6oct - 8All DayBeing Limitless *Oslo, Norway
13oct - 15All DayBeing Limitless *Miami, USA
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10nov - 12All DayBeing Limitless *Hawaii, USA


8dec - 10All DayBeing Limitless *New York, USA


Field of Transformation

Create Synchronicities. Transform Lives.

The 'Field of Transformation' is a phenomenon. It is the journey of a lifetime. It is the ultimate gift you can give yourself and your family.


Here are the three extraordinary outcomes you will get from The 'Field of Transformation':

1. You move into a magical state of being where your very presence is capable of manifesting synchronicities. You are in great resonance; you are in sync with life. Intentions become actualities, desires get fulfilled, problems get solved. You will manifest an abundance of love, awaken creativity, live with passion and vitality, and create wealth & success.

2. Your very presence transforms people. You carry the power to transform their inner state. You heal their hearts. You create inspiration. You become a blessing in their lives.

3. Joy becomes your natural state of being, an effortless way of living. The irresistible human tendency to revel in negativity is dissolved completely.


The 'Field of Transformation' happens at the One World Academy campus in India. At the campus, you experience an immense spiritual power. Wisdom, meditation and transcendence become effortless. 

Experience The Field.

Your Presence will create synchronicities, transform people and liberate the world.



17jul - 21All DayField of TransformationWorldwide


4sep - 8All DayField of TransformationWorldwide


6nov - 10All DayField of TransformationWorldwide


The Field of Transformation - Advanced

Awaken The Mystic. Transform Lives.

At ‘The Field of Transformation - Advanced’, you experience three profound outcomes.

1. You access mystical states of being with ease.  You are one with The Flow.  Your ability to create synchronicities is magnified. You manifest richness and wholeness to life.

2. You grow as a phenomenon. You direct the power of your Presence to transform their inner state.

3. Immovable Inner Stillness becomes your natural state of being. Peace becomes an effortless way of living. And the torturous incessant Mind Chatter is silenced.


‘The Field of Transformation - Advanced’ happens at the One World Academy campus in India. Re experience the magic of Wisdom, meditation and transcendence.


Transcend ‘i’ Consciousness. Experience ‘One’ Consciousness.


Experience ‘The Field of Transformation - Advanced’.


Awaken The Mystic. Direct the power of your Presence. Liberate the World.



Meditation Instructor Training

The Detox Meditatons have been created by Krishnaji and Preethaji after putting them to test in the laboratory of life at One World Academy. The detox meditations are a coming together of 3 factors - Timeless wisdom from the lives of our founders Krishnaji and Preethaji, Ancient Spiritual practices drawn from Indian Heritage and the modern scientific understanding of brain, body and consciousness and their interconnectedness. They are designed to benefit both the beginners as well as veterans in meditation.

You train to teach the 3 forms of OWA’s detox meditations with the teachers in India.

Brain Detox For Stress Free Living.

You train in brain detox meditations that are designed to cleanse the brain of its accumulated toxins. Thus enhancing stress release, memory recall and better sleep quality. You can create an experience of deep calm and nourishing relaxation in the participants.

Mind Detox For Intelligent Living

You train in mind detox meditations that would help the participants let go of toxic emotions that hurt and hinder them. You lead them to nurture their intelligence by guiding them to the richness of the moment.

Consciousness Detox For Harmonious Living 

The purpose of detoxing consciousness is to experience spiritual states of being that will deepen your sense of connection to yourself, your loved ones and life itself. Life feels more harmonious from these states of consciousness.

To Detox. Rejuvenate. Elevate.

Become an OWA Meditation Instructor



The New Destiny
(For Korea Only)

The New Destiny is an extraordinary Spiritual Path for conquering life’s challenges and the creation of abundance in every sphere of life.

Awaken the Heart Leader in you and be a force for good.

We invite you to take part in this incredible 5 day spiritual journey to create a New Destiny for you, your loved ones and the world around you.

Here is why The New Destiny is an absolute must -

  1. You will awaken to a great mind and energy as a leader that the world needs.
  2. You will realise your heart’s passions and discover what you truly want from life.
  3. You will tear down the walls that separate you from love and experience connection with yourself, your partner, your child, your family, your loved ones and the world.

The New Destiny is a grand unification of spiritual wisdom, science, meditations, skilful techniques and joyful processes. This path breaking experience will make the creation of material, emotional and spiritual abundance effortless for you.

You will take home priceless tools and meditations that will power your new destiny.

Come, Find Infinite Love, Infinite Joy, Infinite Wealth, Infinite Well-Being and Infinite Intelligence