Embrace The Peaceful Oceanfront Setting




The campus is an experience in itself and the perfect setting in which to discover freedom within. It lies nestled on a secluded beach in the Bay of Bengal in southern India. Beyond the balmy waters stretches forty-four acres of outstanding beauty, home to a blend of contemporary spiritual architecture and state of the art facilities. Serene stillness, born from meditation, is palpable as one sets foot into this oasis of radiant spirituality.


We believe that comfort is essential to the experience, so what you will find at One World Academy is similar to what you might discover at a high-end hotel. Each room is beautifully appointed with two double beds, beautiful bathrooms, hair dryers, a desk, television, telephones and modern tech compatible outlets. More luxurious suites are available if you prefer a higher level of privacy.


Perfect for those seeking an extra bit of privacy during your stay at the Campus, these luxurious villas provide you your own silent harbor amidst sunny blue skies and swaying coconut palms. Designed to nourish both the body and spirit, the villas, each spread over an area of 2500 sq feet, are a personal haven set on the oceanfront, an oasis for rest and rejuvenation.


Vegetarian macrobiotic breakfast, lunch and dinner is served daily by our skilled kitchen staff. If you have specific dietary requests we can also accommodate those. Expect delicious and healthy meals throughout your stay with us.


Travel to our campus in Chennai is a relatively easy experience. We arrange a shuttle service from the airport to our campus and we will work with you with specific recommendations on timing your travel to best adjust to any time zone differences.