Enter the Field of Synchronicity … Weave magic in your life
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Salón Colombia
Cra. 8a #99-55, Bogotá
1 - 3 SEP 2017
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Being Limitless is a magical journey that will awaken in you the power of Limitless Consciousness.
At Being Limitless, we reveal to you Spiritual Principles and Powerful Meditations to create the life of your dreams. You have a direct experience of the profound truth that you are a limitless being. Once this truth is realized, the doors to a magical life open. You manifest abundance; you find and create enduring love, you conquer your challenges.
Here are the Extraordinary Outcomes of Being Limitless
 Great Peace & Joy
 Perfect Relationships
 Fulfilling Achievements
 Intuitive Leadership
Friday Evening: 
(07.00pm to 10.30pm)
OWA Presentation 

Understanding Limitless Consciousness

Stillness Meditation

(09.00am to 07.30pm)
Principle of Inner Truth 
Meditation on Inner Truth 

Principle of Spiritual Connection 
Meditation on Spiritual Connection 

Principle of Expanding Consciousness
Limitless Field Meditation with Preethaji (Founder, OWA)
Limitless Experience Process
(09.00am to 04.30pm)
Vision of One World Academy 

Principle of the Web of Life 

Meditation on Interconnection 

The Great Soul Sync Meditation Practice 

Serene Joy Practice
The Teacher
Anandagiri JI (the senior faculty member at OWA) travel across the world, teaching the powerful ‘BEING LIMITLESS’ spiritual journey. Spreading the wisdom he has gained in the relentless pursuit of self discovery, under the mentoring of the Founders of OWA - Krishnaji & Preethaji, he revolutionise the way you experience and respond to life.

He help you discover the truth of how to set your mind and heart free of suffering and limitation. He brings great compassion and wisdom in leading participants on their journey to enlightenment. He reside at OWA campus in India as a family with the Founders and teach at the ‘Field of Transformation’ and the Higher Spiritual programs.
Awaken to the power of Limitless Consciousness. 
Live a Beautiful Life.
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