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Application For Being OWA Faculty

Only for Indians

If you aspire to live in One Consciousness,
If you are a seeker after liberation or enlightenment,
If you seek to dedicate your life towards creating a more conscious and a compassionate world,
you are welcome to join One World Academy as Faculty.

One World Academy is a globally respected spiritual school for its high integrity and great essence. The faculty here are not conventional monks dressed in religious robes. We are a community of teachers who have dedicated our entire lives to this singular passion of creating a transformed world- a world that moves away from separation and sorrow to oneness and joy. We don’t live austere lives; we live simple and joyful lives.

We are a team of 11 teachers, all mentored and guided by our Founders Krishnaji and Preethaji, who are enlightened philosopher sages. Each of us hold different responsibilities in the academy- some as teachers,some In administration and some in technology department- but all serving the single cause of transforming our own consciousness and transforming human consciousness.

Men and women below 30 years of age can apply for this choice of life and training.

This is a full time calling and will recquire you to be celibate. Your learning curve will be steep and will need you to be passionate about it.

Therefore you are required to either be single or divorced to join in and should have no financial liabilities, pending court cases or incomplete relationships. You should also be free of health problems and aliments.

Also note that you are not dependent for any financial needs from your family. All your simple and daily needs are taken care. You can take leave to visit your family for a period of 15 days a year. You are free to keep in touch with your family throughout.


Please note that you need to be completely and totally authentic in filling your application. Inauthenticity is not appreciated.

Your application will be processed over a period of 15 days and the next steps will be prescribed.

May Your life be blessed and your aspiration for a beautiful life be fulfilled.