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We set you on the path of awareness, freedom and change

OWA Campus

One World Academy works for all

We are non-denominational. Our path is not based on belief or adherence; it is a path of discovery. We are here to guide you to discover authentic happiness. We make spirituality meaningful for everyday living. Entering our stream of learning, you will awaken to a new joy of living. We promise.

Where do you begin?

You can start with getting a sense of what we do by learning and meditating with our Founders through our online videos. You could also begin your journey by participating in any of the wide range of spiritual events beginning with the detox meditations conducted by our specially trained Meditation Instructors worldwide. You could take your journey further by participating in the advanced courses and the spiritual immersion programs at the OWA campus. The campus is a sacred space for the flowering of consciousness.

What makes OWA different?

The wisdom, the process and the practices at OWA have emerged from the lives and the realizations of our Founders Krishnaji and Preethaji. They do not advocate the path of taking security in a belief or dogma as the way to the ending of suffering or enlightenment. Theirs is the path of freedom, responsibility and right action as opposed to taking refuge in another. OWA is the way of a grand unification of 'Liberative Wisdom and Direct Experience'.